Kids On Wheels

Cycling is a wonderful family activity, and we have everything you’re children need to get out on their own set of wheels to enjoy the fresh air and exercise.

We are strong advocates for bike safety here at Mikes Bikes, especially when it comes to your children. We recommend a helmet and lights (at the very least) should accompany each bike, and we guarantee very reasonable prices. Safety, visibility and fun.











German-made, durable and lightweight alternatives for the first play bike. Their low step through frame, child-friendly ergonomics and special learner bike saddles perfectly support the child’s walking movements. Adjustable handlebar and saddle heights mean our Puky Learner Bikes can be enjoyed for years.

Bypass stabilisers completely, allowing the little ones to go straight from play bikes to the real deal without the grazed knees, bruises and tears that can come with removing training wheels!

We also stock the Frog range of bikes for kids.



For the older kids in need of a more advanced bike, we have a wide range that can include gears, free-wheel capability, and a more advanced braking system. We stock high-quality brands that can withstand anything your young ones might put them through!

Steel or Aluminium frames, rugged tyres, vibrant eye-catching graphics and great reliability. Even after the infamous growth spurts, the adjustable handlebars and seatposts will ensure the longest possible use out of our bikes.



With essentially all of the functionality of adult bikes, just in teen-friendly sizes, our range is extensive. From adventurous weekends, to getting your teen safely to and from school in all types of terrain and weather, our bikes will deliver. Sturdy, low maintenance, and functional bikes that look fantastic!

Typical features include:

  • Wider range of gears

  • Basket/Carrier/Panier compatibility

  • More advanced V-Brake system

  • Adjustable Handlebars and Seatpost



BMXs are designed to do exactly as their name (Bicycle Motor Cross) suggests. Typically used for stunt riding and/or racing, they are a really popular choice among children and adolescents.

Short, typically steel-framed bikes designed for manoeuvrability and speed. They are incredibly durable, great for off-road cycling, urban stunt riding, skate-park ramps, gravel race tracks, and even commuting (if you’re brave enough!)

BMX biking is a thrill ride, no matter your ability. It’s a popular pastime in Dublin and, like road biking, boasts its own great community.

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