Women Specific

We cater completely to women’s specific cycling requirements. We can provide you with an ergonomic frame, clothes that fit perfectly, and the right nutrition to make your cycling experience comfortable, efficient and fun. Couple that with an extensive range of styles and colour schemes, you’ll be ready to hit the tarmac in no time!

One of the questions we are often asked by women getting into cycling is whether they need a women-specific bike. Well, the definitive answer is… maybe.
Women’s bodies obviously have different proportions than men’s, so women can benefit from bikes with different geometry to suit. Some brands build dedicated frames with geometry that works around the traditional ‘short torso and arms with longer legs’ body shape of women.
This means shorter top tubes, steeper seat angles and reduced stem lengths to create what is, in some cases, an exceptionally short frame length. This reduces the stretch to the bars and can make riding more comfortable if you’re shorter than average or very petite, but if you’re not, it can adversely affect your weight distribution on the bike.
Some female cyclists prefer a more stretched-out, aggressive riding position, so other brands have concentrated on providing smaller sizes of standard ‘male geometry’ frames, kitted out with parts that make contact points more comfortable for female riders, such as narrower bars, slimmer grips, a female-specific saddle and shorter cranks.
Mikes Bikes advice for buying your first bike would be to try out lots of bikes – not necessarily just women’s bikes – and see what you find comfortable. You may find a women’s bike suits you best, or find the geometry of men’s bike might be better suited to your shape and size. If you find the latter to be the case, then just changing a component or two on a men’s bike could increase your cycling enjoyment.

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