Electric Bikes

Behold the bikes of the future! Electric Bikes are standard bicycles integrated with an electric motor. These are not electric motorcycles, however. They comprise a “pedal-assist” feature, meaning that they have to be pedalled by the rider in order to work. Essentially, you still have to move your legs, but the motor does all of the hard work.

Electric Bikes have come a REALLY long way since their conception. They are now much lighter, more user friendly, more subtle in their design and the rechargeable batteries have a drastically longer life, with speed of up to 35kph.

Our most popular sellers come from CI Ebike, the number 1 distributor of electric bikes in Ireland, who describe their product as:

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Easy Commuting

  • Healthy

  • Sweat-Free

  • Cost Efficient

Electric bikes are suitable to a wide range of cyclists. Senior Citizens, Business People and Families alike.

Carrying all your shopping home on the bike, recovering from an injury, or commuting to business meetings without needing to shower and change clothes beforehand. Either way, electric bikes are the way to go.

We stock:
  • CI Ebike
  • Raleigh
  • Giant

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