It’s all about shaving off those valuable few seconds! Triathlon Bikes are a sub-set of road bikes, but with a greater focus on aerodynamics as triathletes can gain a significant advantage by riding a sleek, wind-resistant bike. The most notable feature that achieves this is the handlebars or “aerobars.” However, every aspect of the bike is carefully crafted to be as aerodynamic as possible. Such features include:

  • Oval/Teardrop Frame Tubes instead of Circular

  • Flat Handlebars

  • Fewer Spokes

  • Occasionally Carbon Fibre tri-spokes discs instead of traditional spokes

  • Steep tube angles and low stems/handlebars for a smaller “drag profile”

  • Radical frame designs that are banned in road racing, but not triathlons

Competition, speed, stamina and strength are the order of the day here. We specialize in high-quality, brand-name triathlon bikes that will help you sail past the opposition.

Our popular brands of triathlon bikes include:

  • Merida

  • Fuji

  • Giant

  • Scott

  • Focus

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