As an abbreviation for Bicycle Motor Cross, BMXs are designed to do exactly as their name suggests. They are typically used for stunt riding and/or racing. However they are a really popular choice among children and adolescents.

They are short, typically steel-framed bikes designed for manoeuvrability and speed. They are incredibly durable bikes, and can be used for off-road cycling, urban stunt riding, skate-park ramps, gravel race tracks, and even commuting (if you’re fit enough!)

Typical features include:

  • Recessed saddle for a very low riding position

  • Wide handle bars with 360 degree rotation for tricks

  • Small gear-hubs for increased grinding clearance

  • Steel pegs (usually) on each wheel for grinding on rails or kerbs

  • Wide, studded pedals to avoid slipping

BMX biking is a thrill ride, no matter your ability. It’s a popular pastime in Dublin and, like road biking, boasts its own great community.

Our popular BMX brands include:

  • WeThePeople

  • Haro

  • Diamondback

  • Mongoose

  • Merida

  • Focus

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