Road Bikes

Speed on paved roads. Road Bikes are ideal for long-distance, endurance rides. Careful attention has been paid to every detail to ensure maximum efficiency from each stroke of the pedal. We are delighted to stock a wide range of top-quality road bikes of all sizes, colours and prices. Typical features include:

  • Narrow, high-pressure and smooth tyres to decrease rolling resistance

  • Wide range Derailleur Gears to suit all types of gradients

  • Lightweight construction, with higher-range models made of carbon fibre

  • Curved handlebars for more wind-resistant riding position

Dublin has seen a great increase in Cycling Clubs over the last few years, the majority of which go on weekly, high-spirited, lengthy road cycles and always welcome new members. Road cycling is also a really healthy and enjoyable family-bonding experience, as well as a great source of peace and solitude.

Our popular Road Bike brands include:

  • Merida

  • Raleigh

  • Giant

  • Fuji

  • Focus

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