Ladies Bikes

Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, City Bikes, Triathlon Bikes… We carry a wide range of Ladies’ Specific frames in all of these categories. While not drastically different, our top brands have taken great care to design bikes that are more ergonomic, comfortable and practical for Ladies’ body types.

Some of these primary differences include:

  • Shorter distance between saddle and handlebars

  • Saddles expertly designed to fit the female form

  • A wider range of smaller sizes

  • A step-through frame (depending on model) should you find yourself wanting to cycle while wearing a skirt/dress

  • A wider range of colour schemes and designs

In terms of performance, there is no difference between Ladies’ Bikes and the Standard models. If anything, the added comfort and efficiency a perfectly-fitting bike provides, you will notice a definite improvement in your speed, stamina and enjoyment!

Our popular Ladies’ Bike brands include:

  • Pashley

  • Merida

  • Raleigh

  • Giant

  • Focus

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